The first world buddhist summit


Two main theme papers by two prominent scholars - Dr. Ananda W.P.Guruge from Sri Lanka (paper entitled Buddhist Philosophy and World Peace ) and Dr. Harka Gurung from Nepal (paper entitled Developing Lumbini as Pilgrimage Centre of Peace  ) were presented for deliberation in the Summit. Buddhist monks, nuns, scholars, academicians, representatives from world bodies, Buddhist organizations and individuals interested in peace and development of Lumbini and Buddhism took active part in the three day deliberation. The then Crown Prince Dipendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev most graciously inaugurated the three-day Summit amidst hundreds of Nepali and foreign delegates and thousands of devotees


  • The Lumbini Declaration which expressed firm commitment of all the participants to contribute in     the development of Lumbini and other sites related to the life of Lord Buddha situated in Nepal     like Kapilavastu, Devadaha and Ramagama.
  • Commitment for construction of an international airport, establishment of a Buddhist University     and
  • Adoption of a proposal to establish Lumbini as the Fountain of World Peace and Holiest     Pilgrimage Shrine for all the Buddhists and peace loving people of the world, among others.
  • Realization of the need for an autonomous status of LDT.