Press Statement of Vice Chairman on Buddha's Image on Shoes


The Press Statement of Vice Chairman Acharya Karma Sangbo Sherpa, LDT
Our attention has been seriously drown by the issue of an American Company named Icon Shoe Design which has introduced various shoes with the Buddha's image printed on it. The Buddha is the apostle of World Peace and the light of Asia. The Buddha's message of non violence, harmony and compassion is being more relevant at present time than in the Buddha's life time. 
The act of printing the Buddha's image in shoes by the company has brutally slashed down the faith, feelings and sentiments of billions of Buddhist and peace loving people world over. I therefore, from behalf of Lumbini Development Trust and my personal behalf would like to formally express our strong objection, deep dissatisfaction and disapproval to the hostile act.   
We condemn the act of hostility and strongly urge to stop it and never repeat again in future.
The Vice Chairman 
Lumbini Development Trust.